Couple’s Therapy

Published April 25, 2014 by hairballexpress


Itsy and Bitsy did everything together…. Including getting stuck in the pet door.


Jane & Seymour feel in love at first sight.. Until Seymour decided he didn’t like having a girlfriend who was 8 times his height. And he couldn’t get used to having leaves fur dinner.


Trixie and Tinkles both discovered at the same time that Super Glue really works.


Snowball and Pelican Sam teamed up to catch fish together…. Until Sam swallowed Snowballs’ sister.


Romeo escaped from the pound to visit his true love, Roxy. Too bad she’d already fallen for a Doberman.


Tiger and Miffy enjoyed shoving the human into the washer and watching her go around and around in the spin cycle.


Fido and Girlie thought they were in love-
Until Girlie discovered she could never compete with a cookie.


Snoopy and Skittles loved playing Frisbee together…. Until one day when the Frisbee did’nt come back.

photos from Pinterest


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