A kitty furiend is gone. A tribute to Penny

Published March 13, 2014 by hairballexpress

Very sad news tonight

I’m not a happy kat.

I have a hard time posting at all tonight because I discovered tonight on Twitter that one of my favorite kitty furiends has passed over the Rainbow bridge.

I don’t have a picture of her to post fur you all, but my furiend Penny (in Vancouver, B.C.) Got sick- and her liver quit working.

Her human said she passed on March 8.

I’m upset, and my human is upset.and of course, Penny’s human is heartbroken.

Its hard to know how bad she’s hurting and missing Penny, because she and Penny had a very special relationship.

She had adopted Penny from a shelter when Penny went out of her way to reach out with her paw and touch her.
They had 18 years together (not long enough)!

Humans also sometimes don’t understand how bad it hurts when their human friends lose a pet.

It makes me HISSING MAD to see people take a flippant attitude toward the death of a cherished pet saying, well its “just an animal…”

Anyone with a pet understands that there’s no such thing as “just an animal!”

Animals are companions, great listeners, playmates, a source of unconditional love and acceptance, and a reason to go on when humans can’t find a reason.

And when a pet dies…part of their human dies too.

I will always remember my furiend, Penny and her human, Linda.

Please join me in purraying fur Linda and offering greet love and hugs.

Send her a comforting word on Twitter…she needs your love right now.

**** Linda and Penny
@Linda MIne

Thank you. (*purrrrrrrs)*



36 comments on “A kitty furiend is gone. A tribute to Penny

  • So very sorry about the loss of your friend……I know that’s most devastating and so hard to even write about sometimes. We don’t “tweet” on Twitter but if your friend Linda visits your blog, I hope she sees this message – we send big hugs and hope you feel Penny “on your shoulder” keeping an eye on you forever and ever.

    Hugs, Sammy and his Mom


  • Oh, Shrimp, you have my deepest sympathies. My heart feels your pain. I do not have twitter, but could you please tell your friend Penny that my heart goes out to her, and that she is my prayers. I HEART you!!! xxxxxxxooooooooooMom BonZo


  • Oh, this post is bringing tears to my eyes, Shrimp! I think the hardest pain I’ve had to bear is watching a pet grow old and pass. I’m now remembering all the fur babies I’ve had, and giving them mental hugs, wherever they might be. I’ll give a mental hug to Penny and Linda, too. ❤


  • Aw, your story brought tears to my eyes 😦 I’m so very sorry to hear about your friend. I know the pain of losing a fur-friend all too well… my thoughts go out to everyone! (And well said with the “just an animal” part… totally 100% agree with you! Makes me so mad when people make comments like that.)


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