Oh my poor aching PAWS!

Published March 7, 2014 by hairballexpress

In the Creature cave

Every day this week,  the Creature was here… From 8 am – 5:30 pm.


I hid under the bed…. It barked like a dog, purrtended to be a kat… Bounced all over the human, chased me, played with my toys,….


Competed fur the humans’  attention (it ALWAYS WINS)….



Jumped off the couch, drowned its dolls in the sink, and raided the fridge multiple times….

The human has a headache and can’t keep her eyes open. The house is quiet again, and turned upside down, and the human’s book is laying neglected (again) beside her as she fights to stay awake and read a chapter.

At this rate the human will finish that book when the Creature goes to college

Wake me up when it’s gone.

                *(tail flap)*   /   *(snore)* .


28 comments on “Oh my poor aching PAWS!

  • You poor thing Shrimp! Starting to suspect the Creature is the human equivalent of you – a hurricane of energy, as stubborn as they get, and with quite a fabulous dress sense – I mean look at that room! You’ve got to admire that! I do believe you may just have met your match 😉


  • That creature SCARES me! I don’t know how you do it, Shrimp! You poor baby! And your human, she must be dragging her fanny, so BE NICE to her today! Oh, this is distressing all the way around! Concerned for YOU and HUMAN, Mom BonZo


  • Geez! What a nightmare! No wonder your paws hurt! Oh and did our eyes deceive us or did you say that she was barking like a dog!? Doesn’t she know that it is insulting to bark like a dog in the company of a cat!!?? That’s outrageous! She looks cute though…. Purrs, Roxy & Tigerlino


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