More from my Family Album

Published March 5, 2014 by hairballexpress


I'm so flippin EMBARRASSED!

Everybody in the human world has at least one or two family members that are considered…. Uh,…. Hmmm… Well,…….

Well, I was supervising the human in her vain attempt to declutter her closet today, when she dropped a photo album and I “took a nap” on it (purrtended to take a nap on it until she left the room).

Inside was more embarrassing family photos….


Aunt Tilly

★ My Great, great, great, great Aunt Tilly kept “hearing voices” in the wastebasket.
The mice hid a secret camera in it and showed the videos on You tube. She never got over it.


★ Cousin Fluffbucket wanted to be a champion skateboarder.

The skateboard was the Champion.


★ My 4th cousin Binky thought his kitten, Fluffy had gotten tossed inside the washing machine with the laundry and he hopped up on top of the washer to find him  – too bad his catnip binge knocked him out first.


★ Uncle Fritz had a shoe fetish. He took it really hard when he woke up one morning and realized his paws were a lot smaller than his shoes.


Great Grandma Mittens....

★ Great Grandma Mittens. Fur the love of God Let’s just don’t go there!

All photos (*except fur the gorgeous feline at the top of the page) from Pinterest


38 comments on “More from my Family Album

    • Why thank you Addycat (and human,)…Yes, I’m very thankful I ONLY take after the beautiful, highly intelligent, smart, gorgeous, silky-soft, and inventive members of my family- and the smart ones. *(purrs)*


  • Hey Shrimp, what an awful uh we mean awesome family you have!!!!!! Wow, we’re soooo jealous! We bet it’s a lot of fun being around them…. lol 😆 They are so “special”! You must introduce us to them some time…

    Purrs, Roxy & Tigerlino


  • You are adorable, Shrimp! Every family has its issues. You may want to help your skateboarding cousin out though. I don’t know that he can see where he’s going. 🙂


    • Greetings Robin! Why thank you fur your very sweet compliment! As fur cousin, I don’t know what that idiot thought he was doing. I also noticed he can’t see where he’s going, so I gave him the humans’ glasses, but the dummy won’t wear them. Poor little moron.


  • Shrimp, you really have the most fabulous and ever so slightly air headed family! And yet you are so clever and level-headed – amazing! Lol 🙂 Big hugs Julia & Oscar


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