My new seal of Approval

Published February 23, 2014 by hairballexpress


Yesterday the human came home from the store with a surprise fur me! I call it my new seal of approval!

Its a cute little pink Collar with a bow and a bell!

Here I am modeling it fur her this morning. Lucky fur us, we finally had some sunshine, so I was purrfectly content to sit in the window and let her take pictures of me….


Can you see it?


She can't see me!!

Of course, after a few minutes, the sun started making me sleepy….


Tired of trying to fit in the windowsill...


The sun is so warm!


....and soothing.....


And I'm getting soooooo sleepy....


Maybe just a short catnap.....((purr))

Okay, enough pictures!


Going to take a looooong nap!



28 comments on “My new seal of Approval

  • WOW, Shrimp! You’re beyond beautiful! The most beautiful kitty we’ve ever seen! πŸ™‚ And your new pink collar is super cute! A very nice surprise indeed! We’re glad to hear that the humans made it up to you for having the CREATURE around all the time… πŸ˜€

    Purrs and tunas, Roxy & Tigerlino


    • Why thank you handsome Morris!!

      Oh yes,…the whale….uh….(Hmmmm…think…QUICK)!…. Uh…..the whale…(Hmmmm….no…..they won’t believe that one…)…uh…oooh, YES!! The whale! Uh…he RETIRED! Yes, that’s it….he retired and went to some ocean near Bermuda! That’s it!! (bless his delicious little heart)…


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