You know, I wasn’t always this beautiful…..

Published February 17, 2014 by hairballexpress

Beauty like this is no accident....

But honestly, it did start at birth…

You see, I was such a devastatingly beautiful and sweet kitten, that the humans fell hopelessly in love with me the moment they saw me….


Me in all my cuteness, at 9 weeks old.

Here I am shredding an evil ribbon that threatened to destroy my human.


That evil thing tried to take  over the laptop too… But it was no match fur me!


I got it!

The conquering hero at 9 weeks old!
The humans knew even then, that I’d purrtect them!



Here I am a couple of days later, guarding the couch- in case that dangerous ribbon sent its family to get revenge….


I'll get it Mommy!

Later that same day, the evil ribbon resurfaced- dressed as the cord on the humans camera! My mommy shot this picture of me just as I was reaching out to grab it and destroy it! Who knows what horrible things it could’ve done to my humans!?


Aren't I precious?

My humans were SO grateful that I saved their lives, that they immediately dubbed me their “Princess” & began to treat me like the royalty I am.


♚You may worship me now.♚

19 comments on “You know, I wasn’t always this beautiful…..

  • Shrimp you are a darling! and you are a daring cat to post such a revealing photo as that one at the top but you definitely have the looks to get away with it! and what a cute kitten you were, no wonder your humans fell in love with you so easily! purrs…


  • Oh my goodness Shrimp you’ve hardly changed, you gorgeous girl you! Your humans are so lucky to have you brightening their days and protecting them from ribbons! Big hugs Julia & Oscar


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