“Bless me Kitty, for I have sinned” (or) Smart ways to beg your kat’s furgiveness:

Published January 12, 2014 by hairballexpress

The human holding me after she wiped my eyes

Sometimes these humans just don’t get it.
No matter how many times a kat teaches them the rules they still blow it and get in trouble with the kat. Idiots!

So what happens if you’re the moron human who is in trouble with your kat?
How do you make it right and get back in the kat’s good graces?

Lucky fur you, I’m here to give you some tried and true tricks.


My purrsonal favorite: Fancy Feast

♚ My purrsonal favorite- Fancy Feast.
( the more expensive the can, the better the effect.) This is not the time to get cheap.


Ultimate favorite

♚ The ultimate favorite(next to a fresh caught whale, of course, which most of you humans are too cheap to buy).


Treats are always a plus.

♚ Fur the treat addict, (or fur lesser offenses, like waking up late)….

Of course, there are always those times when you’ve really blown it big, like stepping on the kat’s tail, and you need something a little more effective….


Buying your kat a gift...

♚ Times like this, buying your Kat a gift, like a Teddy bear is a good start… Especially when combined with kissing the paw and groveling shamelessly.

And then there are times when you’re just plain toast. When you did something so unfurgivable that your kat is plotting to kill you. (God help you)!

Fur those times you have to think outside the litterbox.


Favorite playthings

♚ Buy a truckload of your kats’ favorite toys…..


Keep the Creatures at bay

♚ Fur the love of God, KEEP THE CREATURES AT BAY!


Buy your kat an unusual treat....

♚ When your kat is ticked enough to plot your demise, buy him an unexpected (exotic, and expensive) treat. Delicious!


Cash works too

♚ And, if your kat is STILL ticked, bribery works great.

Good luck.

Photo credits:

Photo of me, Fancy Feast, Tuna, Treats, and Teddy Bear by the human.

All other photos courtesy of
Morguefile. com


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