Sins (According to the kat):

Published January 10, 2014 by hairballexpress


Today I’ve been thinking –
Everybody has their own ideas of what is right and wrong… What humans call sin…….

But we kats have our own ideas of sin.

Some are worse than others, but they are all SIN as far as the kat’s concerned!

Here’s some examples:

⇨  Not acknowledging the kat first thing when you wake up in the morning

⇨  Having your coffee before feeding the kat

⇨  Eating before feeding the kat

⇨  Making a phone call before feeding the kat

⇨  Exercising before feeding the kat

⇨ DYING before feeding the kat

⇨  Taking the kat to the vet

⇨  Giving the kat a bath

⇨  Clipping the kat’s claws (not smart…. We know where you sleep)

⇨  FURGETTING TO FEED THE KAT (also not smart)

⇨  Letting Creatures torment the kat (REALLY not smart)….

⇨  Having People over who don’t like kats

⇨  Having a vacuum cleaner in the house

⇨ Annoying the kat

⇨  Getting a dog

⇨  Buying cheap kat food

⇨  Not buying treats fur the kat

⇨  Not buying toys fur the kat

⇨  Not dropping everything and snuggling the kat on demand

⇨  Not providing catnip on demand

⇨  Ignoring the kat

⇨  laughing at the kat

⇨  leaving the kat alone (without first being dismissed by the kat)

⇨  not providing empty boxes fur the kat

⇨  Letting another kat in the house


⇨  Feeding the kat late


I could go on and on, but the main point is:

The kat is to be adored, spoiled, petted, pampered and catered to above all others at all times, always, and by everyone in the house….. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Anything else is just plain unfurgivable!


WARNING: Remember who we are related to!

Tiger photo from Pinterest


15 comments on “Sins (According to the kat):

  • Quite right, Shrimp. As the proverb says, a righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.

    ⇨ Eating before feeding the kat

    And, you know, Judaism has a long tradition of feeding one’s animals before taking one’s own meal. It’s a godly thing to do.

    So, some silly human beings may come along and think, “Oh, what a quaint and amusing post!” but little do the gluttons realize, …. 🙂


  • I do agree with all those “sins”… @”Giving the kat a bath!” – what? hellooo! dahhh! true blasphemy – as all cats are self-cleaning, some are even much cleaner than certain humans!!! 😉 P.S. one exception: you do know that Van cats who live in Turkey(THE country, not the bird!) by the Van lake do bathe in it… 🙂


  • Yep, we totally agree! Cats ALWAYS come first, no matter what!! Now if only the humans would catch on. They’re soooo slow on the uptake! You know, we’ve read somewhere that food treats work especially well for training a dog. Do you think the same applies for humans? Do you think we could reward positive behavior of the human’s by giving them treats too???

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  • First of all Shrimp I must say you are looking very beautiful in your picture! I think your sins are very good apart from one which I personally have to disagree with and that is letting people into the house who don’t like cats. I rather like it when this happens, especially if they have a phobia along with not liking cats, I find it most amusing to tease them by staring at them, rubbing against their leg and by jumping suddenly on the sofa next to them. Their display at this behaviour is most amusing and pathetic and makes me laugh! You should try this next time the situation arises.


  • Shrimp surely the sin of having people over who don’t like cats, should be having the nerve to even associate with people who don’t like cats?!?!


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