The Year of the Creature

Published January 8, 2014 by hairballexpress


It was the Year of the Creature.

Problem is, it’s flippin STILL the Year of the Creature!

It’s actually BEEN  the year of the Creature fur five years. And I have a suspicion that it’ll be “the Year of The Creature” from now on ( * growl *)….

That thing simply takes too much attention from ME! (* sigh*).

In the picture above, she’s pouting on the humans´ doorstep. Next, she’s being silly while she’s talking to the human. Then, she’s “giving a shot” to the Velveteen Rabbit….(and she wonders why I hide)!

After that she’s becoming a member of a family of mannequins at Old Navy… Of course, the human had her camera and pounced on the chance to take pictures….
(I hate that flippin camera)!

NEXT, she’s at the park with her mom…. Then she’s tucking in her (mom´s) Teddy bear…. Cute, huh…? That’s what the humans say… (Good grief )!


And here we go again…. Here she’s partying because of the new bed she got fur Christmas…. She’s happy because now she can throw her stuffed animals from the ceiling (the poor abused things)… And her parents EVEN REWARD HER FUR IT WITH KISSES!! (*sigh*). It just never ends……

I’ll be under the bed for the next decade….


This will be me fur the next ten years....

Photo of kat from Pinterest


9 comments on “The Year of the Creature

  • OMK! Poor Shrimp!! We hate to say this, but it looks like you can’t win! The CREATURE is just too cute! Too bad you two don’t get along with each other well because you would make the most adorable couple!! But hey, what if you photobomb each picture your humans take of the CREATURE! It would make YOU the CENTER OF ATTENTION in EVERY photo… 😉

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino 🙂


  • I get the feeling that you are a little jealous, Shrimp. If it makes you feel any better, just think about this – humans are cute for the first few years and then they get more and more funny looking. People stop calling you “cute” after awhile when you’re a human. You, however, will be considered the epitome of cuteness your whole life long. Let the creature enjoy the years where absolutely everything she does is as adorable as these photos.


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