A letter from the kat: Happy Flippin New Year! Don’t be stupid!

Published December 31, 2013 by hairballexpress


Okay, so I know today is New Year’s Eve, and all you humans are all excited and ready to party. Some of you don’t need a reason to party… You’d  party if the dog got flees…(actually, I’D party if the dog got flees)!

But that’s beside the point….

The point is that some of you humans seem to think you’ve got 9 lives too, so when you celebrate something (especially the New Year), you get all careless and drunk or high on catnip and do stupid things that guarantee that you won’t be able to enjoy the new year… Or, that maybe Someone else won’t enjoy it.

It’s hard to enjoy the new year if you’re dead, seriously injured, or locked up in the human pound because you hurt yourself or somebody else.

And, it’s hard to enjoy future new years if your stupidity or selfishness costs someone else their lives.

I can hear you asking, “What does a kat know about these things?”

Not everything, obviously, but what I do know is, that YOU MATTER TO SOMEBODY…. even if you don’t think so.

You may have a spouse, a mother and father… A boyfriend or girlfriend… Or maybe even a BABY CREATURE!

You may think sometimes that you have nothing to live fur… Or that nobody cares about you. But somebody does! Think about the somebody’s in your life. Your creatures need you to think about them and not take chances while you’re out partying! If you do something stupid and hurt someone (or yourself) while you’re partying, where does that leave them?

Maybe you only have a Pet..(a lovely kat like me, or heaven forbid, a DOG)! If something happens to you, who will care fur them? Who will feed the flippin kat??
So be careful while you’re partying. Keep yourselves safe… DON’T FLIPPIN DRINK AND DRIVE!

DON’T TEXT WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING! Nothing you have to say is important enough to riskyour life fur!

Your creatures want you to come home safe, and your dogs and kats flippin want fed! Don’t let them down!

Happy new year!

Photo from Pinterest

(( Purrs… ))


42 comments on “A letter from the kat: Happy Flippin New Year! Don’t be stupid!

  • A kat on cat-nip.. So sad. I bet you say you can quit it anytime you want but then they bring home that lovely green plant from the pet food store. Not that dried stuff the real thing..


  • Hey sweety, you’re not only UNBELIEVABLY CUTE but also VERY WISE! Your post should be copied and handed out to every human on this planet. Some really need this reminder as they seem to leave their brain at the door as soon as they enter a party and alcohol or drugs get involved! That’s so irresponsible and disgusting… 😡

    Well now on to nicer things… Shrimp, you look adorable in the picture. One cannot decide who’s cuter: you or the little CREATURE… (hope you’re still out of tomatoes… 😉 )

    A very Happy New Year to you and your humans! May all your dreams come true! 😀
    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


  • Dear Shrimp,
    Maybe you will not like what I’m about to write but I will write it anyway! Are you aware how beautiful the Creature is? I’m sorry to tell but your Humans will be in trouble and busy dealing with her fans and fan-boyfriends in the very near future 🙂
    You are the most beautiful cat, point. What would you say to making peace with the Creature and take your side next to hers in the new year? We love you so much, more than you know, but we also love the Creature since she’s a doll!
    Thank you very much for a very important topic you have shared for today! We will be careful and hope everyone else will be too.
    We wish you and your family a brand new year full of love, health, wealth and happiness!!!
    From the heart ❤
    Yelloz & Family


  • Your Wisdom is astounding, and I agree with everything you say here. I’m gonna write something too. But I will say to you right now, Happy New Year! May it be filled with catnip and cheer! Perhaps your human will understand you a little more! xxoo Mom Bonza


  • thanx for your kind wishes dropped at my “crossroads”… wish u my very best for 2014: health, joy, love and hope… cheers & friendly thoughts, Mélanie – Toulouse, France, “old Europe”… 🙂


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