Meet boyfriend #334,569….

Published December 30, 2013 by hairballexpress


Tiger stole my furry little heart with those eyes… And that tie!! He’s only ten years older than me… but I don’t mind, I like distinguished “older kats!”



And meet Troy… (MEOWWWWWW)!
We share the same philosophy…. And a fresh can of tuna every Caturday…..



And, meet “Chunky Sam” (and his kid sister, Slinky). They say that he had another sister, but they turned around one day and she had vanished. If Chunky knows what happened, he’s not saying..
Odd, but they say he suddenly gained about ten pounds the day she disappeared. Weird.


And (one of my favorites), meet “The Fuzz”…. We both feel the same way about creatures…. Even the 4 legged ones.


And my ultimate favorite… ME!!



Pictures from Pinterest (where all my boyfriends hang out)…


21 comments on “Meet boyfriend #334,569….

  • Wow, so many boyfriends!! You’re one lucky girl! They are all GORGEOUS!! But how do you keep them apart from each other????

    Ooh, we love Tiger!! He looks like a real gentleman. We bet he has loads of money he can spoil you with. And who cares that he’s older as long as he’s got enough cash to buy you catnip, right?

    Be aware of Chunky though… if we were you, we’d never turn our back on him… you never know what will happen the next time he gets hungry… just saying…

    Oh and we went to Pinterest to look at the pictures of all your boyfriends but we passed out from exhaustion at number 234,761… sorry… but there’s only so much cuteness we can take in one sitting… 😉

    We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, sweety! May it be full of joy and happiness!! 😀

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


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