I’ve been so upset at Santa Claws because he didn’t leave a whale under my Christmas tree (even though I TOLD HIM he could just plop it into the bathtub instead of trying to cram it down the chimney)…

He gave me toys, treats, and stuff, but not the big, juicy whale I wanted most of all.

But tonight my blogging furiend (patriciahysell) FOUND IT FUR ME!! ISN’T HE BEAUTIFUL?? (*licks chops*)
(* chatters *) My whale!

… I guess she found him flopping around in the ocean… Maybe he was trying to find his way to me… Santa could’ve at least given the poor thing directions!

… BEAUTIFUL WHALE!! I can’t wait to eat him…. I mean, MEET him!!

My goodness, he’s the biggest dish, I mean, FISH I’ve ever seen!

Well, gotta go! I have a dinner guest to prepare (uh, I mean PREPARE FUR)!


8 thoughts on “She FOUND MY WHALE!!!!!

  1. OH MY KATS!!!! He looks YUMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (* licking chops *) You lucky girl!! Enjoy your belated Christmas dinner! But do you think it’s enough food for ONE MEAL???? We wouldn’t want you to go to nap hungry…

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


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