Santa Claws did’nt bring my whale!

Published December 26, 2013 by hairballexpress

I waited... And waited... And gave up

Dude. I am miffed. I waited, and waited, and WAITED and Santa furgot my whale!

Sure, I got presents, toys, treats, and even some of the big ham the humans baked. (YUM)!


The human tried to make me feel better- she told me just about conceivable excuse you could possibly invent fur the furry faced fat guy.

You know, “Santa hurt his back when he tried to pick up the whale, and the whale swam away”……well, what the heck does he have all those elves fur then?

And, “well, you’re so well fed, and there are starving kats in India that need it more than you do…”

Well, they can flippin WRITE HIM AND ASK FUR THEIR OWN WHALE!!

And……..”well, studies have shown that kats who eat whales, are 400 times more likely to have high cholesterol than kats who don’t eat whales….”


Oh fur heavens’ sake!

I’m gonna go pout now….. *tail flap*


25 comments on “Santa Claws did’nt bring my whale!

  • Well it’s too bad you had a whale-less Christmas BUT it does sound like (and look like) you had a good Christmas anyway……and today’s boxing day and heaven knows we have plenty of THOSE around – I hope you do too! IT will be a boxing/napping day here!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy


  • Shrimp, I know you are pouting, I can feel it all the way here. I didn’t wish you a Merry Christmas yesterday because I wasn’t sure IF you celebrated it. Can you ever forgive me, your High and Almighty Shrimp?

    Bowing low,
    Mom Bonza


      • OH, thank goodness. Now I can sleep tonight! As a “I am so sorry gift” I reblogged this ingenious post on Petasl Unfolding. Truly you have some amazing humans working with you! And I really wanted to share, since I put a post from Roxy& Tigerlino’s and Morris’s blogs on there. I certainly could not leave you out!

        I am not too sure about that Santa guy either. He has too much furr on his face for a mortal.


  • What the heck!! The nerve of that dude! We can’t believe it! But you know what? Rudolph is still here… So we could still put that plan into action we talked about yesterday… you know, the one where we hold Rudolph hostage until Santa brings us everything we wanted…

    Let us know… *(evil laugh)*

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino 😉


  • Poor kitty, maybe next year Santa will bring a whale shark….they’re spotty and completely harmless. Plus they are actually fish. Think of it….tonnes and tonnes of fish. You’ll be the happiest kat come Christmas 2014.
    ‘Fishing’ you a belated merry Christmas!!



  • Maybe Santa was stopped from giving you a whale by animal rights protesters that don’t believe whales should be kept in captivity. Santa has to try to please everyone. That’s tough to do. At least he didn’t forget any of the other things on your list. Maybe a little of the nip will fill you with the Christmas spirit.


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