It’s the WordPress Family Award!!! Super Trills!

Published December 23, 2013 by hairballexpress

Oh MY KATS!! I’ve recieved the WordPress Family Award!! Thank You Vijay Shah over at thehalfeatenmind!


The WordPress Family Award (as this kat understands it) was made as a way to show appreciation and love to fellow bloggers, especially those who welcome you to the WordPress community and make you feel accepted and valued. I’m gonna break out the gourmet catnip fur this one- cause it makes me feel extra special!

I love being part of the WordPress Family- you people sure know how to treat a kat!

Now, to pass this pawsome award on to some other well-deserving bloggers:

1.) Petals Unfolding-  lovely photography- flowers that are too beautiful to eat (and kats love to eat flowers)…

2.) Paws For Thought- Morris the cat’s blog— love the delectable little rat he featured in today’s post–(delicious)!

3.) Digital Granny– a lighthearted family blog that I like (and I like their handsome black kitty)!

4.) Bailey Boat Cat- My favorite siamese french kitty… (le purrrrrrrr….)

5.) Kitty Bloger – Another favorite kitty blogger!! You’ll love it!

Thanks to all my readers- you make me a very happy kat!! (* yawn / stretch*)!


17 comments on “It’s the WordPress Family Award!!! Super Trills!

  • On behalf of all my kats and all my flowers, I am SO very honored that you nominated me for this Award. As I tell everyone who nomimates me, I don’t follow all the rules cause all my little scampers keep me so very busy, but I do my very very bestest. Keep an eye out for a post from me to tell all my followers what you did for me, Shrimp!

    With Hugzzzzzzzs, and Head Bumps, and trills,
    Mom Bonza


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