Christmas trees: the kats’ view

Published December 20, 2013 by hairballexpress


The same thing happens in every kat-owned home every Christmas.

The humans go out in freezing cold weather hunting fur a tree that hasn’t done anything to them so they can cut the poor unfortunate thing down and slap it on top of their car and drag it into their house and dress it up with shiny glass balls and long, stringy sparkly stuff and lights, and then sit back and look at it and feel proud of themselves.

Kinda like hanging a deer head on their wall, it’s a sort of trophy (only unlike the deer, they don’t have to actually chase the tree down, because it doesn’t run from them).

Yet, to see the way they fuss over where to put it, and how they stare at it and show it off, you’d think they would’ve had to chase it all over the forest, and set traps fur it, and battle fur hours to capture it.

If they did do all that to capture the poor tree, then humans are indeed a pathetic bunch… Because the trees just stand there looking pretty and minding their own business until some psycho human comes and chops them down.

Then an interesting thing happens…. Knowing full well that kats are attracted to shiny, dangling objects, and that kats love to climb trees, humans, (having set the bait purrfectly), Begin to freak out
when the resident kat does what God intended it to do.

Say what?

The kats get all happy and excited and begin to climb the tree, and bat at the pretty glass ornaments, and sleep on the presents stashed under the tree, and even help unwrap a few- and the humans freak out!

I just have to ask… If they didn’t do all that stuff fur the kats’ entertainment, then why do it at all-?

What a weird bunch these humans are!


Just doing his job....

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8 comments on “Christmas trees: the kats’ view

  • Yeah, humans ARE a weird bunch…

    The first time our humans brought a tree we thought it was a new cat tree! So of course we started climbing it. Cats are natural climbers, right? But the humans weren’t pleased AT ALL! True, it wasn’t very stable and crashed to the ground a couple of times… but that makes the climbing even more enjoyable, right?

    And what’s with the ornaments? Why put those on the tree when we’re not allowed to play with them or rearrange them… Where’s the fun in that?

    Those humans are a REALLY strange species… but since we’re stuck with them we’ve developed our own “coping” strategy to avoid displeasing them (which would only result in them shouting “NO treats for you today!!”… 😦 ). Every time they leave the room/house we climb the tree and bat the ornaments around the floor as much as we want. But once they’re back we pretend there’s nothing more boring than that stupid tree, hehe… 😉

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


  • My mum’s cat certainly has the climbing frenzy. Shiny baubles, tinsels, sparkley stuff….it’s like extra-strong tactile catnip…let’s hope the humans do not have to call the fire brigade :O

    – HalfEatenMind


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