Deer Santa Claws:

Published December 13, 2013 by hairballexpress


I’m not so sure I actually believe you’re real…(sorry, dude).

I mean, really, I’m supposed to believe that some guy obsessed with red suits and reindeer is actually going around every year diving into peoples’ chimneys?

How do you manage to time your dive down all those chimneys when they’re not being used (being you come in the middle of winter every year)?

And, how do you manage to keep your beard nice and white and your suit clean?

More importantly, why  would you do such a thing…. wouldn’t it be easier to just knock on the door?

And last, but not least- WHERE’S MY WHALE?


11 comments on “Deer Santa Claws:

  • Well you know Mr. Santa Paws won’t visit you unless he knows you believe he will so put aside the skepticism my friend and BELIEVE…..!! Purrrrrhaps this is the year he’ll stuff a whale in your stocking!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy


  • Oh no … part of being “good” is not asking those questions. I would suggest, should you really want that whale, is to say “I look furward to Christmas morning to see what this kind gentleman left fur me!” Heehee 🙂


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