Happy Thanksgiving: things I’m thankful fur

Published November 28, 2013 by hairballexpress



A Scratching post


Boyfriend #789,092 (purrrs)!


The mail nurse at the Vets!


Kat treats!




Boyfriend # 903,775


Live entertainment



✦Happy Thanksgiving furiends!!✦

photos from Pinterest


16 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving: things I’m thankful fur

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you, your humans (and the little CREATURE)! 🙂

    Hey Shrimp, these are all very good things/reasons to be thankful for! What would we cats do without all of those things… 😉 But… boyfriend #789,092 and boyfriend # 933,755???????? 😯 Wow… how do you keep them all separated!?!? We’re really impressed…

    Thank you so much for nominating us for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!! 😀 You are such a sweetheart! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! 🙂 We don’t know what the rules are about nominating the one that has nominated you… but since you’re one of our favorite (if not THE favorite) bloggers, we decided to nominate you in return! You deserve to be nominated, because YOU ARE AWESOME! We LOVE your daily posts! They are always good for a laugh…such a fun, crazy sense of humor! 😀

    We hope you have a wonderful day with lots of treats! 🙂 Let’s hope the CREATURE is to busy eating turkey and cupcakes to harrass you…

    Purrs and hugs,
    Roxy & Tigerlino

    P.S. Since you’re talking in your post about boyfriend #789,092 and boyfriend # 933,755, we just have to ask… Shrimp, ARE YOU A GIRL???? 😯 If so, we are really, REALLY sorry that we referred to you in our last post as a boy! Oops! OMG! We are such MORONS! 😳 Please let us know…


    • MOL!!!!! Oh yes, I’m a girl!! Did you know that male tortoiseshell kats are very rare? Its a genetic thing (that’s what the humans say). She read that in a book about kat breeds! Torties are almost always female!

      And happy thanksgiving to you too and to your humans! (watch out fur the baby humans)!

      As fur keeping my boyfriends straight, I have an app fur that!!!

      I have boyfriends everywhere…. I do love a well turned paw!

      Thank you fur the return nomination! But especially for your kind words about my blog/diary! You just made my furry little thanksgiving!!!

      Purrs and catnip to you!!


      • So sorry we’ve mistaken you for a boy! Shame on us! 😳 We’ve already corrected that in our post! But whether you’re a boy or a girl – you’re beautiful! Inside and out. 🙂

        No, we didn’t know that male tortoisehell cats are so rare. That’s really interesting! The color is beautiful and makes you even more special than you already are! 😀

        WHAT???? There are apps for keeping your boyfriends straight???? Wow, that’s cool! You’re one lucky girl! 😀 We’re almost afraid to ask, but dying to know… how many boyfriends do you have??? Must be really stressful to keep them all in line! 😉

        Many hugs,
        Roxy & Tigerlino


  • Dear Shrimp, we’ve just read your post on the little Creature. We’re so sorry to hear that she’s not feeling well!! 😦 We’re sending prayers for your little baby girl! We hope she gets well soon!! Please keep us posted on how she’s doing! So we guess that means she won’t be eating turkey and cupcakes today…? Poor girl! That’s sad! 😦

    Many hugs,
    Roxy & Tigerlino


      • We know you care about the little one (but we won’t tell anyone… 😉 ). We can tell from the way you talk about her. Because even though she might drive you nuts you’re kind of obsessed with her too! 😀 You love the attention she’s giving you, don’t you? 😉

        We hope she’s feeling better by now! The way she looks on the picture is really heartbreaking. You can tell that she’s hurting. 😦 There’s nothing worse than seeing a little child in pain! All the best to her! We love your posts about her and are looking forward to hearing more of the way this cute little lady is driving you nuts! 😀 Mommy says to send you and your family all the best! We’ve been praying for your little one! Have a nice Thanksgiving, Shrimp!

        Hugs and purrs,
        Roxy & Tigerlino


  • Dear Shrimp,
    I don’t where to begin. You are amazing!!! As Purrfectkitties (Roxy&Tigerlino) have mentioned, it was a great surprise to wake up to! (I will make my Servant Z to read and learn how to nominate you, because you deserve not only to be nominated, but to receive the award)
    I’m sorry that the Creature is not good. Did you offer her some catnip or treats of yours? No, no., Keep them to yourself, you need them more. But you can purrr to the Creature and the Female Human, to make them a little happy. Wish you and to all the Humans in your Kingdom a “Happy Thanksgiving”.
    My Servant Z insists me to deliver you this note that she will pray for you and your family.
    We love you.
    Thank you.


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