Famous kat series- Part 9: Toonces the driving kat

Published November 19, 2013 by hairballexpress


Well, I’ve introduced you to some of my favorite and smartest relatives, but one of my readers reminded me of a couple I’d furgotten to include. They deserve mention too, so here we go!

Toonces had a very special ability – He could drive (unlike most humans on the road today)!

Unfortunately, he didn’t do it very well….

He was the furry star of several Saturday Night Live episodes (beginning May 20, 1989), and its said that his bad driving is a result of a brain injury resulting from an accident during a taping of The Dukes of Hazzard (how fitting, since his driving is hazardous)!

Apparently, Toonces is most capable of driving cars off cliffs, and was involved in an incident with a UFO and the Washington Monument.

Somehow, though Toonces is quite the danger on the road, he has  managed to become popular enough to have t shirts and mugs made with his picture!

There’s even a flippin MOVIE!

Okay, I’m so jealous now, I think I’ll move on before I decide to contact my old buddy “the Judge” (kat mob boss) and put a hit out on good old toonsie-woonsie.

I’m gonna go pout now….
(just remember you like me better)!

To learn more (but why would you want to when you have me)?

Okay, if you insist…

Photo from Google images


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