Famous Kat Series Part 7: Casper the Commuting Kat

Published November 14, 2013 by hairballexpress

Casper (1/01/1998 - 1/14/2010)

One of my favorite famous kats is Casper, the Commuting Kat.

Casper’s name was originally Morse… named after a tv show called Inspector Morse. He was adopted from an animal rescue center and lived in Plymouth, England.

Soon after adopting him, his human changed his name to Casper – after Casper the friendly ghost, because her new fuzzball had a talent fur disappearing.

His human knew that Casper disappeared every day when she went to work, but she didn’t know where he went.

Then she was told by bus drivers that he would wait at bus stops with other passengers and board the bus, choose a seat, then ride the bus fur the entire route!

When she learned that passengers and the drivers watched out fur him and made sure he got off at the right bus stop every day, she wrote a letter to the bus company thanking them fur their kindness to him. That led to an article in the newspaper The Guardian, and eventually to an appearance on BBC News, and a book- Casper, the commuting Cat.

Though he was never known fur being afraid of humans or traffic, he died at the age of twelve years old, after being hit by a taxi.

Maybe being an indoor kat isn’t so bad after all…

Photo from Google images


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