Famous Kat Series: Part 5- Crimean Tom

Published November 12, 2013 by hairballexpress

Crimean Tom.... Hero kitty

Meet Crimean Tom, aka. Sevastopol Tom.

In 1854 the port of Sevastopol, Russia was occupied by French and British forces.

British soldiers were finding food and clean water to be dangerously scarce, until they happened upon a pile of rubble with badly injured men on each side. On the pile of rubble was a Tom kat, sitting peacefully.

They took care of him, and he led them to a place near the docks, buried under piles of rubble.  He had survived the war by feeding on the mice he’d found in abundance there.

When the soldiers cleared away enough rubble, they saw why he had led them there… Behind the rubble was a hidden storehouse of food! The mice who came to feed on the food had attracted the Tom and was the reason he had remained relatively well fed.

The soldiers were saved from starvation because of him, and he became known as Crimean Tom (because of the nearby Crimean peninsula), and is also called Sevastopol Tom (named after the Port where he was found).

He became such a hero, that when he died (Dec. 31, 1856), he was preserved and stuffed, and was presented to the Royal United Service Institution.

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