The One Lovely Blog Award (I WON)!!

Published November 10, 2013 by hairballexpress

The One Lovely Blog Award!! I WON!!!

I’m so purrfectly happy! I have been presented with the One Lovely Blog Award!

Thank you, gynjii – fur presenting this humble kat with such a Pawsome award! And thank you fur your kind words about my blog!

And now, to tell everyone seven things about my furry little self…

1.) I’m a kat (big surprise)!

2.) “Creatures” (baby humans) freak me out.

3.) I’m smarter than the humans I live with.

4.) I’m obsessed with books, magazines, newspapers, sketchbooks, notebooks, laptops, and anything else my human is looking at and using.

5.) I secretly snag my humans’ smartphone at night when she goes to sleep, so I can do my Blogging and tweeting.

6.) I can’t sleep without the humans’ teddy bear.

7.) I want to elope with Grumpy Kat.

          ↯ My nominations

1.) Purple Rosemary: photography as art…(yes, kats love photography… We just hate cameras aimed at us when we’re bathing or sleeping).

2.) Cleopatralovesbooks: Great book reviews. My human gets all happy about the books she reads about and I do too. When she tries to read, I lay on the book and get snuggles. It’s the Purrfect setup!

3.) Balauru Forever: A great blog fur passing time. Always great pictures and always fun.

4.) Moments in life: Travel photography from all over the world… One of my favorites!

5.) My Life in Photos: more pretty pictures of places kats love to go to.

6.) Ma vie de Cookie: A very pretty Kitty sharing in French and English (Le MEOWWWWWW)!

7.) A Stairway to Fashion: I don’t know what “fashion” means, but  kats like pretty pictures and they’re all over the place here.


Thank you readers (purrrrrrrrs)!

Be good humans and check out these blogs… You’ll like them as much as I do… Time fur my nap!


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