Famous Kitty series; Part Two – Fred the Undercover Kat

Published November 7, 2013 by hairballexpress


Fred the (NYPD) Undercover Kat (May 2005-Aug. 10, 2006)

Meet Fred, the undercover Kat.

He worked with the NYPD to help bring down the unsavory Stephen Vassall who was charged with (and later confessed to), practicing veterinary medicine without a license, injuring animals, criminal mischief, and petty larceny.


Stephen Vassall the "vet"

(HISS)! Good riddance!

Fur his service in 2006,  Fred was awarded the Law Enforcement Appreciation award by Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Later that same year, he was also awarded the Mayor’s Alliance Award (an award given to remarkable animals).

Fred’s story was pretty remarkable before he became an undercover agent.

He had been rescued by the NYC Animal Care and Control, and found to be extremely sick with severe pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

Even though he was close to death, he was adopted and nursed back to health by assistant D. A. Carol Moran who gave him a loving, happy home and his start in law enforcement.

After helping take down that phony “vet,” he was in training to become a therapy Kat… Until one awful day, even he ran into the street in front of his home and was struck by a car.

Fred, who was only 15 months old at the time, was killed instantly.

Paws up and purrs to Fred fur ending a seven year term of animal abuse by a pretend veterinarian… And fur proving that there’s no such thing as “just a kat!”

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Photo of Fred / Bing images
Photo of Vassall / Google images


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