Famous kitty series: Part One- Dewey the Library Kat

Published November 6, 2013 by hairballexpress
The Library Kat "Dewey Readmore Books"

The Library Kat
“Dewey Readmore Books”

The other day my human got a new book about a kat who lived at a library. That got me thinking about famous kats (other than myself)…So I’ve decided to introduce you to the kat the book was written about- “Dewey, the Library Kat.” This will be the first of a series of famous kats that I will be introducing you to (but don’t get ideas- I’d better be the FIRST famous kat you think of)!

Dewey is famous because he was abandoned one cold winter night by someone putting him in a library’s book return chute.

The library staff came to work the next day and found a cat amongst the books!  The lucky humans decided to feed him and keep him, so they got purrmission from the humans in charge and let him live at the library (after having him neutered- and getting him shots – poor guy)!

Dewey was “given a job” at the library, but whatever his job was, we all know he was really the boss. I’m sure he kept all the books in order, and kept the humans that visited happy, while at the same time stealing everyone’s hearts.  Wonder where he hid when the little “creatures” came along?

News about Dewey spread quickly and humans from all over the place donated money to help buy food fur him (lucky kat).  Soon he was famous all over the world and there were books written about him (okay, now I’m jealous)!

Dewey lived 19 years (DUDE!) but eventually died from complications of a stomach tumor. To read more of Dewey’s story, or read his obituary, you can visit the library he adopted.

Paws up to Dewey, as one of millions of famous kats who left his pawprint on the world- and in the hearts of everyone who saw him!

Here is a picture of one of the books:

One of the books written about Dewey

One of the books written about Dewey

Dude.My tummy’s growling- time fur some fancy feast and a nap!


Photo #1 from Google images

Photo #2 from Google images


3 comments on “Famous kitty series: Part One- Dewey the Library Kat

  • I read this book a few years ago and have read it twice since….it’s just a very dear, sweet story. Dewey was quite a BIG personality in the town and certainly in the library. Everybody knew Dewey. I was happy that he lived a long and happy life. The book was very well written and touched me deeply – that’s why I’ve revisited it since first reading it. Highly recommended for any animal lover!

    Pam (and Sam)


    • Greetings Pam and Sammy!!

      The human had never heard of Dewey until human #2 bought the book fur her. And she hasn’t been able to read it yet…(it’s a great book fur napping on). But one of these days I’ll nap on something else and let her read it!

      I have many more famous kats to educate her about. Geez, I have to teach this lady EVERYTHING!



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