Letter to kats and their humans fur a safe Halloween

Published October 31, 2013 by hairballexpress

The pumpkin the Creature carved!

While humans and their little ones are having fun dressing up and trick – or – treating, it’s easy fur them to furget that there are dangers all around fur their kats.

My human made a list of things to be careful about to keep your kats from all kinds of danger. I helped her write the list!


Me helping her take notes. She loves it when I help!

She found lots of websites that pretty much all had the same list.

Some of these things may not be news to you, but they are important enough to know, that I’m going to share them anyway because some times our humans are just too busy and don’t think of things… until it’s too late.

*) Keep Kitty indoors Halloween night.

Unfortunately, not all humans are kind to animals. Pranksters and just flat out evil people have been found to steal kats (especially black kats), and subject them to all sorts of cruelty as sport… Or even ritual. This is the reason many Humane Society shelters won’t adopt out black kats around Halloween. This just makes me so MAD!

*) Watch out fur dangling electrical cords and lights.

These are so tempting fur us kats to play with, but can lead to electrocution, and burns of the mouth, lips, tongue, and gums if we play with them.

*) Don’t play with batteries if the humans leave them out!

Some of them are really tiny and they’re fun to bat around, but Vets say that they can be toxic to us and may even get stuck in our throats and our airways!

*) Don’t nibble on the Jack o’

I don’t purrsonally like pumpkin, but some kats do, and Vets say that after a pumpkin has sat on a doorstep for several days, bacteria starts to grow it that can make a kat get intestinal inflammation and diahrrea!

*) No candy fur Kitty. And no playing with candy wrappers!

Some times children share their candy with their pets and some kats will eat anything, but chocolate is toxic to kats (and so are raisins)!

And, candy wrappers are attractive to kats and fun to play with, but we could swallow them and get an intestinal blockage – or  even choke!

And, Vets say that if kats eat too much sugar, it can even lead to pancreatitis and organ failure! (I’ll stick with fancy feast)!

*) Don’t play with glo sticks or glo jewelry!

Apparently around Halloween each year, many kats get poisoned because of biting into one of these. (HISS)!

✹For help anytime day or night if you think your kat (or any pet) is poisoned-

24/7 Animal Poison Control Center
800 – 213 – 6680

To read more –



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