I figured out why the human was gone so long today…

Published October 13, 2013 by hairballexpress

The Creature having ice cream with the humans

The human and I had a wonderful, fun morning together and then suddenly, POOF! SHE WAS GONE !

I had fallen asleep next to her as she sipped her coffee this morning after my daily brushing, then woke up to find her gone!

After investigating, I discovered that the mother of the Creature had invited her to go  shopping at the Mall, and she had the NERVE to go without my approval!

I was home alone all day while the human and the Creature and its mother were at the Mall partying!

She tried to hide the fact that she’d sneaked out… But after she got back I found the evidence… Bags of stuff she’d bought… A paper coffee cup smelling suspiciously like a coconut latte, receipts… And pictures of them sipping coffees, as the Creature ate ice cream !  

I can’t believe she betrayed me like that – She should have at least brought a few cases of fancy feast home !


15 comments on “I figured out why the human was gone so long today…

  • You’re right…..she could have at least brought home SOMETHING for you after being “unfaithful” to you all morning….it’s always especially sneaky when they sneak off while we’re asleep!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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