An open letter from your kat

Published October 2, 2013 by hairballexpress

I'm lonely. Please take time fur me.

Deer Humans,

Tonight I’m writing on behalf of your kats.

After talking to some of the kats in my neighborhood, and after observing how some of those kats are treated, I feel compelled to write this open letter to kat parents everywhere.

Note: the following applies to doggies too;

First, we kats (and doggies) want our pet parents to know we love you very much (even if we do sometimes think you’re idiots). We appreciate our homes with you, and we want to thank you fur adopting us.


Please keep in mind that we got all happy and excited when you made us your own and took us home with you.
Our silent prayers were answered and we were overjoyed!

So we just want to ask you a few favors……

1.) We know some of you have to be gone all day working, and that you’re tired when you get home.

But please remember we have been alone all day, eagerly awaiting your return, and are so happy when we finally hear your key in the door.
Please don’t treat us like we are furniture when you get home.

It only takes a few seconds to greet us with a gentle caress and a kind word…and it makes our day when you acknowledge us!

2.) Please take just a few minutes every day to play with us and let us know you missed us too! We need more than just a dish of kibble and some water…we need your love and attention!

3.) Please don’t play with your cell phones and ignore us when we are looking at you and needing something. We are living beings and we have feelings, even though we can’t voice them.

4.) Please don’t deny us medical care when we need it because you think its too expensive. We can’t help it if we need a vet, and we can’t pay for it ourselves. Please don’t let us suffer needlessly. Who else will help us if not you?

5.) Please don’t let your children or guests mistreat us. Its not cute, or funny, and we don’t deserve it. And if we defend ourselves everyone will think we are dangerous or mean, when we really are just afraid.

6.) Please don’t yell at us. We don’t deliberately do things to upset you, and when you yell, it scares us and we don’t understand.

7.) And last, but not least,
Please don’t force us to eat the cheapest food you can find because
“if you’re hungry enough you’ll eat it.”  Cheap pet foods are cheap for a reason, and often lead to expensive health problems like kidney failure.

* Please don’t just say you love us. Show us.


Shrimp (on behalf of your pet)


18 comments on “An open letter from your kat

    • Hi Sammy! Kitty hugs and head bonks to you!

      That should be pretty hard to ignore…but some humans are so busy they’d furget their own names if they weren’t always hearing them!

      If the human misses something that obvious try putting it on that big water bowl in the bathroom that they use fur a litterbox…(just put the lid down first). That way they can’t miss it….one would hope!



    • Greetings! Thank you! You know, some of the kats in my neighborhood are treated shamefully or just neglected by their humans….and I know the problem is worldwide. I hope my letter will make a difference. We kats deserve better-and doggies too! (hugs and head bonks), Shrimp


    • Greetings! Purrs and tunas to you! Thank you! That’s so true….some kats are so excited to be adopted, then they get home and are treated like they don’t matter or like they don’t have any emotional needs. My human and I see this all the time and it makes us both HISSING mad!! (hugs), Shrimp


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