A Tribute to Firefighters

Published September 2, 2013 by hairballexpress

Thinking about my furry relatives in danger

I’ve said before that I don’t really like just any humans (but I adore my humans). The reason is that sometimes humans can be cruel and mean to kats; like the humans that abandoned me and my family in a park.

But tonight I’m thinking of another kind of humans…the very special kind that put themselves in harms’ way to help animals and anybody else who get trapped in burning buildings or hurt in accidents. The humans call them “Firefighters.”

These men and women drop whatever they’re doing in a split second to rescue anyone who calls, and that includes animals (and EVEN baby humans)!

They rush into burning buildings when others are running away and risk dying themselves so they can save those who are trapped and afraid!

Here is a slideshow showing
firefighters with kats they rescued.


The kats are scared…and some are hurt- but they are safe because of a firefighter’s bravery and sacrifice. I am very afraid of fire as I think every kat is. But knowing there are nice humans like this out there makes me feel a lot more secure.

Kats, spread the love and thanks-
To all these firefighters who risk their lives to protect and rescue us.

Some day they may save your life or the lives of your pet humans!


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