Its all about Tortitude!

Published August 12, 2013 by hairballexpress

They say I have "Tortitude!"

They say that I have “Tortitude”- that’s a specific set of behaviors that other kats like me (with a tortoiseshell coat) have.

Well, they’re right! And I’m proud of it!

I’m independent, quirky, somewhat quick tempered, very intelligent (if you don’t believe it, ask me), very sweet, but also I pick one human that is my favorite…and I’m pretty much scared to death of just about everyone else.

I am also what they call very talkative, which is one of the things my humans love most about me.

I don’t meow much, but I trill constantly….when I hear my human calling me, when I jump up onto her lap, (or the couch, or the kat tree), when I want her to wake up, and any other time that I think she may like hearing it.

If she picks me up at times when I want to be left alone, I squeak, or growl. When she clips my claws or wipes my eyes, I grunt and growl and smack things with my tail.

Fortunately for me, the humans find these things very amusing and endearing. But I also have no trouble letting them know when I don’t like something or when someone is irritating me (especially the baby human).

Even though I have only one person who is my favorite, I am fiercely loyal and devoted to her. I am very possessive and protective of the one I choose. I don’t like it when she goes out and I cry until she comes home.

But when she comes home, I can hardly contain my excitement! I greet her at the door with my tail straight up and quivering (the greatest compliment I can offer)!

They also say I act like royalty….
(ACT ??)

Here’s the thing-I don’t have to ACT like royalty. I AM royalty!


4 comments on “Its all about Tortitude!

  • You describe and display the cattitudes I grew up knowing as the unique features of the legendary and regal Calico, or a witch’s familiar! The Calico familiar typically recognized as fit for “Familiarity” has differently colored eyes, usually one yellow and the other green. My Benevolent Overlord, Schrödinger, has amazingly gorgeous yellow eyes that at times appear green and even teal!!

    Anyway, you Calicoes/Torties truly are the stand-out personalities amongst the myriad Kittehs we are blessed with in our world, When I need a kitteh, I’ll always choose a Tri-colored Calico!

    Mommy & Schrödinger


    • You just became my favorite follower! I love humans who love kats- especially us (highly intelligent and lovely) torties and our sisters, the calicos.
      Thank you for reading my diary and for taking the time to comment. I try to respond to comments as quickly as possible, but I have a very demanding nap/hunting/play schedule.


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