Mirrors: the Cool kat’s toy

I’m amazed at how many kats out there still insist on playing with stuffed mice and other kat toys even after all my well – planned lectures. Oh good litter!

But I’m going to let you know what the really cool, smart kats (like me) play with:



Now this kat may look like he’s just staring at himself in the mirror, but he’s actually inspecting the frame fur damages. He’s such a hard worker!


Now, you’d purrobably never guess it but this kat is a motivational speaker!


And this kat, well, he’s one of those egotistical kats that think he’s better than all the others…


And this kat, well, he’d make Grumpy kat purroud! The mirror looked at him the wrong way- and he’s a living example of the proper cattitide that every kat needs to strive fur. Good job, Rambo kitty!

More tomorrow- time fur my 12th nap and I’m already late! *(yawn)*

More kitten lessons; the joy of windows

As I’ve been saying in the last two posts, young kittens need to be careful to avoid the kat toy trap their humans set fur them.

There’s just too many other fun things fur kats to play with instead of toy mice (really people? Do we look stupid)?

Take fur example this delightful idea;


Now there’s a kat that’s full of creative ideas! He’s not only having fun, but at the same time he’s helping his human redecorate, sweeping the floor, and setting a new fashion trend!


And here’s another kat doing her part to add a little color and pizazz to her castle…


And this kitty is helping its human redecorate the bathroom. Hope they don’t mind him sitting in their water dish.


Now this smart kat knows long dangly things are a hazard to little creatures, so he’s purrtecting the creatures at his castle by chewing off those long, tempting pull cords!

So whatever you do, kittens, find your own creative playthings. And if all else fails, there’s always the cell phones. Calling 911 and watching the humans try to figure out who did it is a real hoot! Hehehe!



Bear with me humans and fluffballs. I am hissing upset right now! *(tail FLAP)!*

I made (and THOUGHT) I had scheduled a post last night, but when I went to view it just now it was’nt THERE! And, it doesn’t even show in my posts on the WordPress app GRRRROWL!!!!

All my hard work disappeared!

See, the human’s kids (the Creature’s Mom and Dad)- surprised me with a brand new iPhone (but fur some dumb reason the human has the idea that its HERS)!! YEAH, RIIIIIGGGHT! MOL!

*(laughing hysterically)*…..

Anyway, the iPhone version of the WordPress app is a little different than the one fur Android- My previous phone- I mean,”THE HUMAN’S” previous phone: and when I uploaded my post last night, it said it was scheduled, but the little wheel thingie never stopped “uploading!”

But that happened with the last post too and yet it worked! So I don’t know what happened – can anyone out there help me figure this thing out?



More kitten lessons; more about those toys


Those dang humans are getting better at tricking us kats when it comes to toys.

Here in this picture of lovely little me, you can see a jingle bell next to my paw. Apparently the human thought she could outsmart me if she MADE me a toy instead of buying one from the store- (cheapskate)!

Yet another attempt to snag me in the kat toy trap!


Remember, kittens – don’t fall fur the kat toy trap!

The handsome kat above is demonstrating his own purrsonal toy choice, a plastic bag! These make a great choice fur several reasons;

They glide across the floor and make it easier to enter the room with a bang- literally! It’s soooo much fun to slide into the room at the speed of light and hear the big crashes that follow (and watch things come tumbling down)! And if you do it just right, the birdcage will come tumbling down too (YUM)!

WARNING: if one of those things that tumbles down is human, it could lead to side effects such as tuna and treat deprivation and cheap kat food.

But while there are risks to these things, the real benefit here is the fun exercise you get and the fact that the crinkly noise the bag makes annoys the heck out of the humans after a few minutes – (bonus points)!

You also get to shred the bag when you’re done (YES)! – and have EVEN MORE fun watching the humans clean up the mess while you “sleep!”

More in the next lesson…

Happy shredding! *purrs*


***(Playing is such hard work)!***

What kittens need to know about why humans buy kat toys

It’s been a while since I’ve addressed kitten concerns, so I think it’s time I warn all those sweet kittens who look up to me as the purrfect example of kathood concerning kat toys and the Humans who buy them.


All kats love to play, but really haven’t you ever wondered why they spend so much money on “kat toys?”

Still think they only love to see us kats having fun? HA!/>strong>
Here are 3 reasons that’s not true:

1.) Creatures!


Theysay they’re buying all these Pawsome kat toys fur us, but what they don’t tell you, is that they know their Creatures are going to take them and turn them into weapons of mass construction to use against the kat in the form of hair ties in a kat’s tail, barrettes clipped to the kats’ ears, balls, cars and Legos to be thrown at the kat, and doll clothes to be put on the kat, while KAT TOYS become creature toys only to disappear never to be seen (in one piece) again!

2.) humans just LOVE to watch us kats wiggle our rear ends and attack a kat toy with the determination of a warrior, only to watch us skid around the corner and slam into a wall as they laugh hysterically and then have the nerve to upload pictures and videos of our humiliation online fur all the world to see!

3.) humans love to play with the toys themselves! “KAT TOYS” are just a coverup fur their true intentions to record our mishaps while we’re playing, and “share them with the world,” while they hide the toys and play with them at the office while they’re “working!”


So kittens, take my advice and don’t fall fur the “toy trap”- do what any self respecting kat would do and ignore the toys they buy “fur you,” and choose your own playthings… Like the toilet paper and the car keys, and the paychecks (those are so much fun to shred)!

Quiz coming soon!